11 Poses To Request Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding pictures live beyond the special day. They are a collection of special moments to remind you of the emotions and beauty of your wedding day. It is safe to say that wedding pictures are a long-term investment.

Given their importance, you would not want to look at your wedding poses and feel awkward or sad. Plus, bland photos are boring.

Wedding poses should tell a couple’s love story most authentically. If you are both raw and natural, then organic style may be the best choice. If you love glamour, then a high-fashion style is the most ideal.

In any case, it is good to research different poses that can transform your wedding pictures and give you the desired outcome. We receive such requests all the time and are happy to oblige! Here are our 11 best poses to request your wedding photographer.


11 best poses to request your wedding photographer

  1. Classical pose

Here, the bride and groom face each other and smile without saying a word. The aim is to recreate your first encounter.

  1. The V pose

This is like the classical pose. The difference is that the couple leans in at the waist or hip to form a V.

  1. Forehead kiss

In this pose, the groom holds the bride in an embrace and kisses her forehead very gently. It sets a romantic mood and feeling when captured on camera. It is a good warm-up pose.

  1. My first glance

Here, the photographer captures the couple’s emotions when they first glance at each other. It includes facial expressions and body language.

  1. The resting foreheads

The couple faces each other and rests their foreheads on each other. Add intimacy by closing their eyes and letting their bodies convey the love they have for each other. This pose gives a sense of peace and unity with a dash of love and warmth, without any eye contact with the camera.

  1. The lift

It is a fun pose that requires a groom with a bit of muscle. Here, the groom lifts the bride and supports her with his hands. The couple should look into each other’s eyes and smile.

The photographer should capture the bride’s giggles and the groom’s facial expressions. It’ll make for some fun memories!

  1. The dip

This is another athletic pose. Have the groom dip the bride backward while maintaining eye contact. Their faces should be close to each other.

  1. The ring closeup

Have the photographer take a close shot of the couple’s hands as they display their wedding bands.

  1. Eskimo kiss

This is a light-hearted pose. The couple faces each other and leans their heads in until their noses touch each other ever so gently. Make it intimate by closing the eyes.

  1. Stacking

This is a popular outdoor pose. The groom stands behind the bride and holds her while they look at the distance.

  1. Taking a stroll

This is suitable for any environment. The couple walks away from the camera while holding hands. Have them glance at each other as if they are having a conversation. It is a beautiful way to capture the back of the bride’s dress.

Switch it up and have the couple walk towards the camera.

Extra tips for your wedding photoshoot:

  • Spend some time with the photographer so that you can warm up to each other. It helps couples relax and allows the photographer to see them in their natural element.
  • Be yourself.
  • Have fun with each other. Do not be afraid to touch, embrace, kiss, or hold each other.
  • Do not let the stress of the wedding ceremony show in your face during the actual photoshoot. You may not have a chance at a do-over.
  • Choose poses that speak to you and your partner. Not every pose is necessary.
  • Keep your back straight, relax your shoulders, and try not to slouch.


Your wedding pictures are long-term investments and are captured once. Practice these poses at home to see which one fits you both. Remember, your pictures should communicate your love story in the most authentic form. So, do not be afraid to experiment. Most importantly, relax and have fun!